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Twinkle Diamonds specialise in finest cut GIA Certified Diamonds featuring Hearts & Arrows and triple excellent in Cut, Polish and Symmetry with Hand Crafted custom made Diamond Engagement ring, Wedding Ring & Diamond Jewellery.

About Twinkle Diamonds

As a Diamond Merchants & Diamond Dealers Sydney we offer great value and exciting deals on the most alluring, & resplendent GIA diamond engagement rings, wedding rings & diamond jewellery.diamond jewellery of superior quality & craftsmanship.

All are diamonds comes with a GIA Certificate with Laser Inscription Registry on the girdle, followed with an Independent Valuation Certificate for your Insurance. of the diamond jewellery purchased.

We are a 100% Australian Owned Company ABN 57 078 910 611 with over 29 years of experience. We have a team of master jewellers with numerous awards, including the prestigious De Beers’ award – the number one award for the diamond industry worldwide. Our depth of experience in jewellery design and manufacturing manifests itself in extreme precision craftsmanship, breathtaking beauty and unique design.

Precision, excellence, originality, affordability and reasonable prices are the basis of everything we do at Twinkle Diamonds. Our quality diamond supply is to the strictest standards of accuracy and finish, to bring unrivalled beauty to the diamonds of any shape, colour and clarity.

Why you should buy from us?

We offer a large selection of hand picked GIA Certified diamonds featuring Hearts & Arrows with triple Excellent in Cut, Polish & Symmetry. GIA is the most accurate, stringent, and consistent diamond grading laboratory – So you can be confident in their Grading & the diamond you are purchasing.

We offer the best 100% genuine, natural, earth mined diamonds that offer excellent brilliance, sparkle, lustre and fire.

We specialize in custom and hand crafted diamond engagement rings, diamond wedding rings, diamond eternity rings, diamond pendants, diamond earrings diamond bracelet, diamond bangles, Pearls & Diamond Jewellery.

Every diamond and diamond jewellery pieces from Twinkle Diamonds comes with it GIA certificate and Independent Valuation Certificate and Laser Inscription Registry on the girdle of the diamond. We go an extra mile to make sure you know what you are getting, which is unsurpassed quality and value.

We offer a very personal service, custom design and hand crafted engagement ring and diamond jewellery.

We invite you to make an appointment and visit our showroom in Sydney CBD, explore our collection and get inspired to various pieces of diamond engagement ring, wedding ring and diamond jewellery.