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Investing in Diamonds

Hedging Your Bets

Finding a solid investment in uncertain economic times can be difficult, almost every form of currency and precious metal has fallen in value at various points. Diamonds however, have retained their value even in serious recessions. As a result, they are considered one of the safest investments by many commodities brokerages, real diamonds are a finite resource, supplies are limited and prices have shown a general upward trend.

1. In Good Times and Bad

Diamond jewellery serves a dual purpose for most investors. In bad economic times, the value of diamonds is consistent and continues to remain stable even when gold and platinum prices fluctuate. During periods of economic growth, these wearable investments can also be enjoyed as beautiful accessories for women and men.

As both a diamond importer and an established diamond wholesaler, Twinkle Diamonds offers a large selection of loose diamonds ideal for investment purposes. Our full line of exquisite diamond jewellery is also suitable for investors, especially as part of a diversified portfolio of precious metals and other commodities. You can buy with confidence from Twinkle Diamonds. We sell only the highest quality investment-grade loose diamonds and the finest diamond jewellery.

2. Ethical Investing

Twinkle Diamonds sells only certified diamonds and purchases all its diamonds under the terms of the Kimberley Process. You can be certain that the diamonds you buy from Twinkle Diamonds are conflict free and ethically obtained. We provide written assurances and warranties to attest that all our diamonds are from legitimate sources. Our commitment to conflict free diamonds ensures that your investment is ethically sourced and fully documented.

3. Affordable Pricing

Because Twinkle Diamonds is a direct importer and diamond wholesaler, you can be sure that you’re getting the lowest prices on loose diamonds and diamond jewellery. Our expert staff can advise you on the most cost-effective investments and the best deals from our extensive selection. Our diamonds are cut to perfection by the leading diamond cutters in the world, ensuring that they will hold their value more effectively and provide years of beauty and financial value for you. Because our wholesale prices are typically 50% to 70% below those of retailers, your investment dollar will go further with us.

4. Stick with the classics

If you choose to buy diamond jewellery as an investment, classic designs are usually the best choices for your jewellery portfolio. Diamond solitaires, bangles and earrings are some of the most popular choices, but pendants and dinner rings can also be good investments for some buyers. Twinkle Diamonds sells only the best quality diamond jewellery to ensure that your investment will appreciate over time.

Visit us today to discuss how an investment in diamonds can help you protect your assets more effectively in tough economic times. We look forward to talking with you.