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Diamonds Online Check When Shopping

When you are looking for a diamond jewellery to purchase, you have plenty of options available to buy from. You can either move to a retailer’s shop or can search on the Internet for the online purchase. If you want to save your time, then you can go online for jewellery shopping. However, the fear of getting trapped by the online sellers makes you worried. But, if you understand the key facts of online diamond purchasing, then you can earn a valuable experience with a fine piece of jewellery.

Here, we have listed a few tips which can enhance your online diamond shopping experience as a consumer:

Research Thoroughly:

Whether you are buying a diamond in person or looking for diamond importers who sell diamonds online, you always need to conduct a proper research about the diamond quality. Educate yourself with the basics of a diamond’s 4Cs and then study each C in brief to find the quality stone.

Read the Value & Range of 4Cs:

If you are buying a diamond, then don’t only fall in with the design. Don’t even buy comparing the price range. The thing is to compare is the 4Cs. Check the cut, clarity, colour and carat weight of a diamond, and buy the quality one, which can fit in your budget as well. Don’t forget to look at the GIA certificate for originality.

Have you checked the Grading Report?

You have done with the research and read the grading of the 4Cs. But, you must read the grading report as well for deep analysis. Every diamond which is being sold by diamond importers of Sydney always lists with a detailed grading report provided by GIA. This will make sure about the authenticity of a diamond.

Verify the Grading Report with GIA:

You are going to spend a hefty amount on a precious stone; hence, a detailed and thorough verification is necessary for you. You can verify about the grading report for the reasons of reliability and integrity on the GIA’s website. GIA has a huge database where you can find the details of every grading report, which can ensure you for the reliability.

Zoom in to Check Laser Inscription:

Every stone has inscribed with the grading report number on its girdle. You can check it only through magnifying lens. However, if you are buying the diamond online, then you are blessed with the zooming option which lets you check the number inscribed on the girdle for the authenticity. You can cross check the inscribed number with the listed grading report number. If both are same, then you have a right stone to buy.

You now need to make sure about the seller’s reliability, find out the payment method, and then order the one for yourself or to gift your loved ones.

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