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Diamond Stud Earrings a Best Gift

Whether you are going to attend some event or planning a fun trip with your friends, diamond earrings can match with any type of outfit and can wear anytime. From casual to formal and party wear, you can enhance your persona with a beautifully designed earring. You can wear the piece alone or can complement it with other diamond accessories like necklace and bracelet. This is the jewellery item, which can be worn by every age of women and men.

The price of this jewellery item depends on what carat and setting you choose. You can also ignore the highest quality of diamond while shopping for the diamond stud, without shying. You can compromise with the clarity and the colour and select G-H colour of stone with eye-clean clarity without thinking twice. Because, spending huge amount is not worth for an earring as the colour can’t be analysed once mounted on the setting and blemishes can’t be seen easily with the naked eye on diamonds used for earring. Keep these facts in mind if you have a set budget while shop for a diamond earring.

Apart from the clarity and colour, you should consider few more things which can make your purchase cost-effective and give you the chance to improve your style with a fine piece of diamond jewellery.

Set a Budget:

This is the most important thing to consider first while purchasing any item. You are going to buy a precious stone which is generally pricier than other stones. So, you should decide how much you can spend. You can save your bucks by keeping the carat value from 0.10 to 0.50.

Choose the Cut that matches with your style:

A diamond can be explained for the brilliance through its cut. GIA has scaled the diamond according to the level of brilliance which is measured through the light reflects from the stone. They are categorized in excellent, good, very good and poor cuts. You can choose diamond stud earrings between excellent and good grades. Apart from this, shapes can also be identified through cuts such as round, princess, oval cut. Choose the quality and shape of cut, which can best match with your style.

Carat Size to Consider:

It is not always necessary to choose a high carat weight of diamond for sparkles. You can go for the small size and get the same sparkle. Earrings can look better and shiny with small carat value as well. So, you can save your money buying the diamond of 1 carat weight or below.

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