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Propose By Diamond Engagement Ring

Despite of different atmospheric conditions across the world during the month of February, one thing which is commonly celebrated throughout the all countries during this month is the celebration of love. Considered as the month of lovers, the day of Valentine falling on the 14th date of the month is highly awaited date by all the lovers. Because it is the day for which they pray to get their proposal accepted by their beloved in first instance without any second thoughts. But, convincing the beloved is not an easy task and the person has to be extra cautious while proposing to someone, because a little mistake is enough to break their heart.

So, how to get their proposal accepted without uttering heavy words is quite messy for every youth and therefore depending upon his ability every youth make preparation for this day to the best of his level. But, interestingly there are certain tactics which without any conflict are regarded as the authenticity of making the proposal a tremendous success without any hard endeavour’s.

This might surprise you, but this is true to huge extent. You will agree that relations are made in heaven but celebrate on the earth. So, when these relations are to be celebrated on the earth itself by the people themselves then why not they should be celebrated in a royal way? So, that every day becomes a memorable day for everyone. But, before discussing about that tactic I have a question for you, tell me when a guy proposes to some girl or vice versa, they want to spend their whole life with that special person of their life. Therefore, when that person is so much special in their life won’t it be good to propose him in a distinct way with a diamond engagement ring.

This although might be expensive for most of the person, but when it comes to spending whole live with the person to whom you love the most, the cost of diamond engagement hardly matters for the person. Moreover, as the diamond is one of the hardest materials, proposing someone with an engagement ring of diamond is an assurance that the person will win the heart of his beloved without uttering other words except those three golden words. Not only this, sitting on the knees with diamond ring in hands and proposing some will make them understand their importance in your life, without wasting long time in making them happy.

Types of diamond engagement rings:

  1. Solitaire Diamond Ring: Among types of diamond rings, solitaire ring is regarded as the best way to exhibit your feelings and love towards someone. Available in different shapes the diamonds in these rings are mounted in different prong setting of claws varying from 4 to 8. These prongs can have developed on platinum which adds an additional spice to these rings.

  2. Trinity Ring: This type of ring has set of three diamonds studded on it in a row, with big diamond mounted in the centre along with two small diamonds on its side. The three diamonds are said to be replica of past, present and future referring to happiness, adventure and ever lasting memories. While buying this ring you should mainly focus on the diamond mounted in the centre of the ring, as it influences the appearance of ring to huge extent.

  3. Love Knot Ring: Considered as the symbol of commitment and true love, the love knot ring has curves in loop form giving the ring a knot shape. The diamond mounted at the centre of this ring is regarded as empowered with strong feeling of love and positive energy.

  4. Halo Ring: This type of ring can be said as the mesmerizing ring that will grab your attention at first instance with small diamond pieces surrounding the diamond mounted at the centre of the ring.

  5. Gifting any of the diamond rings to your beloved during this Valentine will undoubtedly help you in pleasing the attention of your dear one and compel them to accept your proposal without any excuses.

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