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Buy Diamonds at Cheap Price?

Women have special affection for diamonds, saying this precious stone as the best friend of women won’t be judgmental though. Girls love to add at least one diamond studded item in their jewellery box. Well, these stones are no doubt exorbitantly expensive to make your wallet empty. But, you can save your bucks buying them smartly.

Earlier, it was very daunting tasks for general folks to buy diamonds from retailers. Somewhere they had to spend lots of bucks as it went through several hands. What, if you find that someone can offer you the same at cheap price without compromising on quality, in your own city? You will prefer to buy them from such a place which can endow you with such cheap diamonds in Sydney. The online store is the destination, where you can not only buy them with ease, but can also save a lot of money on them, buying direct from dealers at wholesale price.

Dealers are also on these online stores selling loose diamonds and diamond jewellery pieces. Hence, buyers can get them at quite affordable price, because the cost of third party retailers has been reduced on these diamonds, if buy them online. Well, whatever mode, either online or offline, you have decided, you should have the understanding about how diamonds are calculated in terms of quality and value.

Well, the value of a diamond is graded, according to colour, cut, clarity, and carat. This is abbreviated as the 4Cs. First off, the diamond should be GIA certified and, with this certificate, you will find the grading certificate as well. Through this, you can easily calculate the quality and the price of this precious stone.

First, you should select a genuine trading site for reasonable and GIA certified diamonds. After that, you can determine the quality through its grading certificate. The colour is described through alphabets. Generally, determine the colour through naked eye is very hard. Keep the colour grade of this stone lower than H and I for affordability reasons. However, if money is not a big concern for you, then you can go higher than I.

Clarity is determined through alphanumeric letters. No blemish on the stone describes the highest quality. However, you can save the money buying such pieces whose blemishes are not visible easily through naked eyes. The cut on the other side, defines the shine and brilliance. Well, buying a good and very good cut off piece is value-to-money deal. However, you can also prefer brilliant and an excellent cut of diamond jewellery.

Well, don’t confuse with cuts and shapes. Both are different things, shapes define the outline while cuts define how perfectly this shape is formed for quality. Round, princess-cut, cushion, and square are a few of the shapes. You can buy these loose diamonds in Sydney from online shops, keeping this few factors in mind.

You can also save more money keeping the carat value low. Well, the carat is here to tell you the weight and size of a diamond. Try to select the piece which has less than 1 carat in weight. This way, you can keep the price low and add the sparkle and elegance of a diamond piece in your jewellery box as well.

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