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Twinkle Diamonds

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Hand-picked diamonds with excellent features, including hearts and arrows.

100% Australian Owned Company providing 100% satisfaction with ABN 57 078 910 611 with over 31 years of experience. We have a team of master jewellers with numerous awards, including the prestigious De Beers' award - the number one award for the diamond industry worldwide.

As a diamond merchant, our depth of experience, jewellery design and manufacturing manifests itself in extreme precision, breathtaking beauty, and unique craftsmanship.

Precision, excellence, originality, and affordability, are the basis of everything we do at Twinkle Diamonds and this is what we strongly believe in.

GIA Certified Diamonds

Dealing in finest excellent to very good cut, polish and symmetry handpicked GIA certified diamonds bearing exclusive and a brilliant craftsmanship in engagement ring, wedding ring and all types of diamonds jewellery.

Twinkle Diamonds