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Treated Diamonds

Methods of Diamond Treatment

Certain treatments can enhance colourless-ness or intensify the colour of fancy coloured diamonds. Such treatments pften give merely temporary results. These fancy coloured diamonds however are less valuable then naturally coloured (or colourless) stones. These treatments include;

  • HPHT:
    High Pressure – High Temperature is a process in which 850,000 lb PSI of pressure and a temperature of 1600 degrees celsius is applied to the diamond. This alters the molecular structure of natural diamonds that then greatly enhances their colour. Only certain types of diamonds can be subjected to this treatment, which can turn a brown diamond colourless.
  • Chemical Vapor Deposition:
    CVD is a method of producing synthetic diamonds by creating the circumstances necessary for carbon atoms in a gas to settle on a substrate in crystalline form.
  • Laser Drilling:
    Lasers are used to minimize the appearance of flaws and make them less visible. The results of laser drilling are permanent and are evident upon close inspection. Drilling leaves cavities in the diamond.
  • Irradiation:
    Irradiation is a process used to produce fancy colours in diamonds, especially blues, greens and deep yellow.
  • Painting:
    A chemical substance is applied over the diamond or part of it to bring out the colour of the diamond.
  • Synthetic Diamonds:
    Applying high pressure and high temperature to carbon can produce a synthetic diamond in few days. Synthetic diamonds exhibit the properties of a diamond, but they cannot completely replicate natural diamonds.