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Diamond dealer can get you what you need for a whole lot less!


Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings

Custom designed & handcrafted through a team of Master Jewellers.


Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings

Custom designed & handcrafted through a team of Master Jewellers.


Diamond Jewellery

Diamond Jewellery

Exceptional & exclusive pieces, outstanding values.


Exceeding Your Expectations

We are a 100% Australian owned ABN 57 078 910 611 Company with over 29 years of experiences. Supportive by our extensive knowledge. Offering you world class diamond engagement rings, wedding rings and jewellery services handcrafted in Australia through our team of master jewellers, with brilliant craftsmanship, excellent services and outstanding values.

Using hand-picked finest collection of GIA Certified diamonds which includes triple excellent in cut, polish and symmetry. Our brilliant cut diamonds have some added features of hearts and arrows. Your exact requirements & expectations can be met in the shortest possible time with the finest grade diamonds of your choice with excellent qualities & values.

Quality Assurance

Your shopping is riskā€“free. Every piece, of jewellery passes a rigorous quality check before offering it to you. Our quality standards, design & workmanship is among the highest in the industry. If you are not 100% satisfied for any reasons, please contact us & we will do our best to assist you. Read about our return policy.

Customer Satisfaction & Care

We conduct our business with transparency, fairness & honesty. Your personal 100% satisfaction is our main priority. We know you come to us for your most important & heartfelt purchase. We will stand behind your purchase because we believe in the quality of our diamonds, gems, workmanship, designs, diamond selections & metal used.
Diamonds & Metals sourced through Twinkle Diamonds are conflict-free and are linked to ethical trade. Read more about conflict-free diamonds.

Our Guarantee to You

Our diamonds have an added security of a GIA serial numbers laser inscribed on the girdle and comes with GIA certificate. Jewellery valuation certificates are made through an independent gemological laboratory.

Diamond Lowest Price Guarantee

A diamond dealer can get you what you need for a whole lot less! Offering excellent Cut, Polish, Symmetry hand pick finest grade GIA certified diamonds. If you find a same quality diamond at a lower price. Call us we will price match.
We will match the lower diamond price & make it a best buy for you. Read about our return policy.

Restoration & Redesign

Your old jewellery pieces can be Restored and can be transformed into nearly new pieces. It can be restored, detailed, cleaned, strengthen, polished and rhodium dipped. Once again it can look great. It can also be redesigned to a jewellery of your choice.


We use Independent Laboratories Certificate for insurance purposes. This certificate states the approximate retail replacement value of the item, calculated as to the current retail marketplace. It also includes a description and a picture of the jewellery.
In the case of any loss, theft or damage, the valuation certificate ensures that your insurance company will give you an equal replacement of the item or else fix it.

Exclusive Insurance

Twinkle Diamonds is backed by a world-leading insurer “JEWELSURE”. “VALUE ONCE – VALUED FOR LIFE”.
This Insurance Policy is designed specifically to protect your jewellery. It can be purchased through any approved jeweller. It provides superior coverage and entitles you to return to your preferred JEWELSURE Jeweller in the event of a claim. The main features of the Insurance include:- 24 Hours per day, 365 day per year protection.
Worldwide Cover. An excess of only $50 per claim. It is like for like policy, that is in the event of a claim your jewellery will be repaired or replaced with identical components of the same value or better. You are never under insured as the Insurance Value follows any increase in the value of your jewellery during the policy period. You can add on additional jewellery at any time during the policy period.