Round Shape Diamonds

Round Brilliant Cut

This cut of diamond maximizes the amount of light to hit the diamond.

Princess Cut Diamonds

Princess Cut

Square in shape, this style is the most preferred in engagement rings specifically. Diamonds of princess cut vary in how "square" or "rectangular" they are. Grading reports refer to the princess cut as a "square modified brilliant" cut.

Cushion Cut Diamonds

Cushion Cut

The cushion shape has increasingly become a popular choice of diamond cut, also known as a pillow cut diamonds, they have rounded edges and bigger facets that help increase brilliance.

Emerald Cut Diamonds

Emerald Cut

Rectangular facets on the pavilion give the Emerald shape diamonds a unique appearance. Like other fancy shaped diamonds, emerald cut diamonds can come in a variety of length to width ratios.

Asscher Cut Diamonds

Asscher Cut

Otherwise known as a “Square Emerald” cut, this cut is very much like the Emerald Cut featuring 58 facets except that it has a very square shape. It has the same rectangular faceted pavilion as the emerald cut.

Marquise Shape Diamonds

Marquise Cut

This shape can enhance the size of the diamond for its carat weight, giving a much larger look to the diamond. Marquise diamonds look best when set with round or pear shape side stones.

Oval Shape Diamonds

Oval Cut

The brilliance of this shape is similar to that of a round one. These diamonds give the illusion of length to the fingers.

Radiant Cut

Radiant Cut

A rectangular shaped diamond it has its corners trimmed and is used popularly for jewellery. It looks beautiful when set with round or baguette diamonds. They vary in the terms of length-to-width ratio, some being more rectangular and others being more square shaped.

Pear Shape Diamonds

Pear Cut

This has a rounded end and a single pointed end.

Heart Shape Diamonds

Heart Cut

The ultimate symbol of love, this shape is used in a variety of jewellery items.

Trilliant Cut Diamonds

Trilliant Cut (Trillian, Trillion)

A triangular diamond with 50 facets, slightly curved sides.