These are precision cut variations of the traditional 57 faceted round brilliant cut. They are cut to ideal proportions with superior optical symmetry and a specific faceting pattern. When all these factors are in harmony the result is a repeatable, near perfect pattern of eight symmetrical arrows in the face up position and eight symmetrical hearts when viewed in the table down position through a special magnifying viewer.

Below is an example of the pattern seen on the top and underside of a diamond with exceptional hearts and arrows characteristics. The perfect cut and polished diamond gives the desired "Hearts and Arrows" effect on the top and bottom of the diamond.

Hearts and Arrows Cut Diamonds Hearts and Arrows Cut Diamonds

Diamonds with a Hearts and Arrows cut command a premium in the world market, reflecting the greater time needed to produce and greater loss of weight from rough, as well as their generally top overall cut quality. However a Hearts and Arrows grading in conjunction with Excellent or Ideal cut grade will give a superb sparkle.